Hello there

Everyone has a lot of names in our lifetime in addition to our real names.
You have other names which explain about you, such as occupation, age, gender, or family roles such as mother and father.
The name of “itoma” means a spare time spent away from those.
And also you can use its word when you have plenty of free time.
Sometimes if you are tired of that labeled name, Please come to our salon and experience our “itoma time”.
We will always welcome you.

We have three ways of thinking
that are important to make “itoma time”

We avoid extreme ideas like 0% or 100%,when we make a decision.

We imagine all kinds of stories and possibilities between 0 to 100.
We do not deny it, if it is less than 100.
We will try something we can little by little from 1.
Secondly, we stay in good health.
We eat when we are hungry. We rest when we get sick. We sleep when the night comes.
It seems to be nothing special, but we push ourselves too hard in reality.
Thirdly, we keep calm and have peace of mind to accomplish these two ideas.
Sometimes we have a good day and a bad day, even if we have dull and no progress, we are still grateful to be who we are today.
We want to live life at our own pace.
Because there are no “correct” answers to life.
Also, We have three things to work through.
First, environmental problems.
The number of beauty products that can enjoy hair designs is increasing, with less burden on people, animals, and the environment.
The products used in hair salons come into direct contact with the skin and are flushed directly from the water supply. So we would like to carefully consider the responsibility for the environmental burden in the beauty industry and select better ones.
Another one is that itoma is a salon where it will be easy to use for anyone.
If you have any anxiety when you come to the salon, we want to figure it out and fix it as much as possible.
There is a kids’ space and someone who can play with children is there, a diaper changing space in the toilet, and a blindfold curtain when breastfeeding.
And the inside of our salon is wide enough and there are no steps.
You can go to a shampoo station using slopes.
We think of many other things that we will notice in our daily lives.
Every time we look for the best, we want to work on what we can do little by little.